Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Miss You Poems For Him

0) While I am sitting here in my bed

Missing my ex to bits

I wonder if he misses me too

And if he does, he may never admit it

I know I am making a big mistake

By sending a text to my ex-boyfriend

But I have no other choice

If I want my confusion to end

Hence this messages comes to you

I hope the reason, you clearly see

No pressure, but I hope you reply

I miss you, do you miss me

Good Morning Messages For Her

11) Our breakup was a bitter one

We promised never to see each other again

It was heartbreaking and dirty

I will never, ever, forget the pain

My heart bled, my eyes wept

My mind slumped into a dark corner

But I have managed to crawl out

I am moving on, I am not a mourner

But that doesn’t stop me from admitting

That I still think about you sometime

I fondly remember out sweet moments

I hope you do too, because it is not a crime

I miss you

 Good Morning Messages For Him

12) How odd is it

That I miss the person who I also hate

How funny is it

That I miss the boy who I would now never date

How weird is it

That I miss the man who broke my heart

How ironic is it

That I miss the guy from whom I chose to move apart

I miss you

Happy Birthday Messages For Her